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After you sign a contract with Red for your event, you will recieve a welcome email with forms and lists you will need to complete and submit during the planning phase.

All full MC DJ service packages ( Silver, Gold, Gold 2 and Diamond packages) include minimum of 2 scheduled meetings or conference prior to the wedding day.

We are big believers of preparation. We will design the entire game plan for your event during the preparation meetings. You should expect to discuss with us the flow of the event, energy management, selection of music, game options, guest demographic and expectations and all other details. By the end of the meetings, you will have a comprehensive finalized plan and you can rely on us to execute the plan the way it should be.

After years in the practice, we understand a successful event is no coincidence, it is a result of thorough preparation.

The DJs have years of experience with wedding and events. Our DJs play various type of music such as Pop, Hip-hop, EDM, R&B, old school, even Ballroom music fluently.

Our MCs are all well trained and professionally presentatble. They are elegant, energetic, fun and passionate. Their goal is to implement the plan with the DJs flawlessly. We assure you that you are in the good hand when you are with us. Should the situation warrant, our MCs have the experience and flexibility to reorganize the program on the spot to make the event a great one.

Creativity is one of the main core qualities in Red.
If you are entertaining the idea of including some gaes in your program, you are talking to the right people. We have created many great event and wedding games. We also refreshed a few good old games with modifications to make them more fun and more appropriate. You will be surprised some of your guests are just into games as much as they are into dancing.


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